Banking Services at your Fingertips

Get different banking services from your fingertips through mobile banking, including,

1. Viewing account details, including account type, balance, accrued interest, and more,

2. Request for statement immediately.

3. Open fixed deposit or recurring deposit directly from your phone.

4. Get the location of branches and ATMs of your branch.

Send Money Via Phone Number

You can easily send money via the recipient’s phone number and bank name:

1. Look for the “Send Money” option on your payment dashboard.

2. Enter the amount to be sent, mobile number of the recipient and their bank name.

3. Confirm the transfer with your transaction PIN.

Pay Using QR Code

Pay any merchant easily using fonepay QR codes!

1. Log into your mobile banking application.

2. Tap the QR icon.

3. Enter the amount and remarks.

4. Confirm the transaction. 

Congratulations! You have successfully paid using fonepay QR!

Pay Your Utility Bills

Pay your water, electricity, phone, and other bills directly from your phone.

1. Open the fonepay Hub on your phone.

2. Choose the service you require.

3. Enter the details.

4. Confirm the transaction with your transaction PIN.

Congratulations! You’ve paid your bills with fonepay Hub!