Laxmi Bank - Laxmi Mobile Money

Access your account 24/7 over Wi-Fi, data or SMS for full range of banking services. Go Green with Orange and enjoy paperless and commute-free banking. For SMS banking, please send the message to 32002.

Use your phone’s camera to scan the QR and download the Laxmi Bank Mobile Money App.

Mobile Money is a convenient, real-time and safe banking channel that allows you to access your Laxmi Bank account using your mobile phone through Data (e.g. 3G), WiFi or SMS.

Mobile Money uses 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA is based on the principle of:

  • What you know: i.e. your Password, and
  • What you have: i.e. your mobile phone

Your mobile phone is recognized and registered by our system when you first sign in with your username and password. After this, your account cannot be accessed from any other mobile phones even if the correct username and password is used.